Thursday, June 18, 2015

Buddhist Blanket

When my grandmother passed away in March 2015, it was the first time that my immediate family took part in arranging a funeral in the U.S. My siblings immediately searched the Internet for information and my brother found an article titled A Guide to A Buddhist/Chinese/American Funeral online. Immediately, my elder sister called around the local temples searching for a Buddhist Blanket for our grandmother (往生被又名「陀羅尼被」). It turned out it was very difficult to find and we were fortunate to find one at a local Chinese temple.  

Weeks later, I had a conversation with a good friend Kin Fok to see if we can import them from China and offer them as gift to those who need them for their recent deceased loved one. Kin wholeheartedly agreed that it is a good idea, purchased them from the well-known China ebay site Taobao, paid for all the items and shipping expenses and now make it available as a free gift to those who are desperately searching for them. To request a Buddhist Blanket, please contact Kin at It is our hope that this gift will help family eases through this difficult time in their life. 

180 X 90 cm

Buddhist Blanket Usage

According to the information gathered from the Chinese website, this Buddhist blanket is infused with protection power from the many Sanskrit (or Tibetan) mantras and Buddhist symbols there were printed on it. Accordingly, this Buddhist blanket was originated from Tibet and was for the exclusive use of kings and ministers who are of level two government rank and above upon their death during the pre-Qing dynasty. Now this Buddhist blanket is widely circulated and is available to everyone. 

In usage, the large row of Chinese characters Namo Amitabha (南無阿彌陀佛) should be on top. The Buddhist blanket can be used to cover up to the chest area and it is not necessary to cover the head. Even though it is popularly used to cover the deceased, this Buddhist blanket can also be used on a daily basis as a strong protection against negative and evil energy. It has the functions of alleviating obstacles and difficulties and can be used as a protection when traveling on the roads and spending nights at hotels and lodging sites to bring forth peaceful sleep and safety return home.   

  往生被又名「陀羅尼被」。其來源非出自《大藏經》,而係明季密宗盛行,金剛上師為慈悲救世故,集諸佛密咒,以梵文(或藏文)書於布帛,猶似壇場、《藏經》,倘經加持,其效力更不可思議。將此被覆蓋亡者遺體,能令其消業滅罪,陰間眾生見之為一片光明,可免亡者遭宿世冤家、魔障損惱。此物雖極珍貴,然當時市井並無流通,李炳南老居士曾言:「(此被)或由藏地傳入,但知於前清時代,二品以上王公大臣命終之後,由朝廷敕賜,而普通官民不得擅用,今則無禁矣!」   陀羅尼之真實境界,字字句句皆諸佛無相法身,唯佛與佛能知,然其威神力,則可普被眾生。往生被色澤為金色,展開約比人高,使用時須蓋對方向,有「南無阿彌陀佛」字樣者在上。一般而言,只須蓋至胸部即可,不必從頭覆蓋。又市面流通之「蓮花被」,僅上印蓮花圖樣,並無加持力,其作用在看似美觀莊嚴而已,與往生被大不相同。若病者堅持欲蓋蓮花被,可在蓮花被上加蓋往生被。此被雖名為「往生被」,乃係方便之稱謂,因其作用非僅限於往生時,即令平日亦可使用,兼有消災解難之功,甚或鬼魅魍魎纏身,亦頗有效應。近年旅遊風氣盛行,不妨隨身攜帶,或置放投宿之旅館,期能快樂出門,平安回家。(Source)

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