Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meditation Cushions Made With Metta

Bhante Dhammadipa's daylong retreat at Buddhi Vihara on 12/23/12.

Once Upon A Time...

It all began when two good friends, Christine and Sumedha, returned from a 10-days Goenka retreatfrom North Fork on January 1st, 2012. During the 3 1/2 hour drive back to San Jose, they discussed about the importance of having the right supportive meditation cushion for long period of sitting to alleviate undue back pain and knee pain.

Returning to Buddhi Vihara to attend the New Year Blessing Ceremony, their peaceful minds drawn toward Noble Silence so immediately right after the service and when the majority of the people departed from the Buddha Meditation Hall, they sat down to meditate. The loud chattering of all the people on the temple ground penetrated though the walls and into the Meditation Hall. It was very difficult to concentrate at first but soon the mind settled down and all the external sounds became the background. Eventually it was all quiet. But pain soon arose and magnified exponentially as their crossed-legged posture put much pressure on the various leg bones against the cold hardwood floor. Naturally, it was very challenging to concentrate the mind. Then the thought of donating meditation cushions to Buddhi Vihara arose in Sumedha's mind as she wished that all members and visitors have proper cushions to sit on.

After months of researching online and visiting various temples and meditation centers to test out the various meditation cushions and failing to find the expected quality of materials and supportive features, Sumedha decided to make them. Then another search began on finding the right foam, one that is not too soft that provides little support for the backbones or that is too hard that can not absorb the pressure of the sitting posture. Another good friend Kusala introduced Sumedha to a local foam factory and together they went to test out various foam thickness and grade to find that perfect size and material. Kusala also spearheaded a fundraising effort to raise over $400 in support of the meditation cushion project with many donations coming from the Children & Youth Class at the Tathagata Meditation Center as part of their Class Dana Project.

With collective effort including Sumedha's mom putting in days of sewing the cushion covers, they delivered 40 high-quality meditation cushions or zabuton to Buddhi Vihara on March 22, 2012. In 2013, Merit Partner Talersak joined the production team. Since then, often with the support of generous donations from members of the Be Happy Meditation Club, meditation cushion offering had been made to:

* March 22, 2012 ~ Buddhi Vihara (Santa Clara, CA) ~ 40 cushions
* February 9, 2013 ~ Wat Chaimongkol (Fairfield, CA) ~ 40 cushions
* June 9, 2013 ~ Wat Sacramento Buddhavanaram (Sacramento, CA) ~ 37 cushions
* June 9, 2013 ~ Thai temple in Texas ~ 2 cushions
* June 23, 2013 ~ Wat Buddhadhamadharo (Wat Concord) (Concord, CA) ~ 30 cushions
* August 18, 2013 ~ Dhammadharini Vihara (Santa Rosa, CA) ~ 20 cushions
* August 21, 2016 ~ Dhammadharini Vihara (Penngrove, CA) ~ 20 cushions
* March 19, 2017 ~ Shanti Stupa (San Jose, CA) ~ 40 cushions
* August 15, 2017 ~ Thabarwa Meditation Center (Lake Elsinore, CA) ~ 100 cushions & 20 zafu

To Order Similar Cushion...

Due to interest from family members and friends wishing to have similar meditation cushion to practice on at home, we started taking order request as a mean of continuing to support the Meditation Cushion Donation Project. If you wish to place an order or support the project, please contact: sumedha.goh@gmail.com

Retangular Zabuton Features:
* Size: 26.5  x 23.5 x 1.5 inch
* Eco-friendly: Using the highest grade level foam to ensure its firmness and reduce the need to replace them in years to come. Similar cushions at a meditation center are still in excellent condition after 10 years of regular usage.
* Simple design with easy removable cover and no zipper
* $50 each (shipping not included)

Crescent Moon Zafu Features:
* Size: 19.5 x 9.5 x 3 inch
* Height is adjustable by removing the buckwheat hull filling from the inside layer.
* Easy removable cover with zipper.
* $50 each (shipping not included)

Our gratitude to you for supporting this ongoing Meditation Cushion Project _(")_

 ^_^  Handmade with Metta in California  ^_^


  1. Wow! Looks very nice and comfy. I got mine online at - www.thestillplace.com

  2. Thank you for sharing and wishing you good sittings!

  3. One of the most comfortable cushion l ever sat on. Handmade by the meditator not a production line company.