Thursday, April 19, 2012

What is Your Pathological Pattern?

As a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) student, many classes in the program are set up to train the students' mind in developing skills to diagnose, draft a treatment plan, and treat the patient accordingly. We are taught to look for the signs and symptoms, ask pertinent questions, figure out the pathological pattern, come up with a treatment principle, and follow with a treatment protocol. In TCM, the treatment protocol may include a combination of modalities such as acupuncture, heat lamp, electrical stimulation, cupping, gua sha, moxabustion, tuina, herbal medicine, exercise (i.e. qigong, tai chi, yoga, meditation, walking, etc.) and/or dietary recommendation.

In recent days, I came to learn that my intention to help Person A and asking Person B for assistance had resulted in causing much suffering for Person B due to Person A's many unreasonable demands. When I came to learn of this ordeal, my heart was stricken with tremendous sense of guilt. I reflect on the fact that compassion without wisdom is ignorance and how my ignorance of Person A's character and unwise action had led to all of our sufferings, especially Person B. While communication is underway to resolve the situation harmoniously, there is the presence of mental suffering in me and I decided to treat myself and here is what I came up with:


Signs & Symtoms: Excessive thinking, low spirit, chest distention, arching heart, insomnia

Medications taken: Painkiller called "Distractions from work and school" 

Pathological Pattern: Mental suffering rooted in "second arrow" guilt, manifested into physical conditions

Treatment Principle: Cut off Clinging to Wrong View & nourish the mind with Right View

Treatment Protocol: 10 minutes of Metta Meditation in the morning and night; 1-2 hour of Vipassana Meditation daily; Reflect on the Impermanence nature of all phenomena; & Put on the best attire daily (Smile ^_^).

Treatment Length: Continuously until reaching the state of Ultimate Peace. Additional "healing components" and dosage should be added and adjusted accordingly.


  1. are you old friend? Love your title, karma lawyer.