Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Uttitthe! Wake up!

The Minibook of Oriental Medicine by HB Kim, L.Ac just arrived in the mail three days ago, just in time for my acupuncture final yesterday. After hours of studying, the mind naturally becomes tire and sleepy. Then, a notation about the acupuncture point Gallbadder 14 (GB 14 Yang Bai) peaked my interest.

"For sleepiness, heaviness, or a foggy, fuzzy feeling in the head, GB14 can clear the brain. For a heavy, foggy sensation, perform the sparrow pecking technique (even just using a finger). Use acupressure on GB14 to ward off sleepiness while studying (Pg 124)."

Putting it to a test, I pecked both of my GB14 and instantly I was wide awake! Resuming my study with much excitement and with a little useful knowledge that can be applied instantly when drowsiness settles in the head whether studying, driving, meditating and so forth. The point GB 14 is located on the forehead, 1 cun directly above the midpoint of the eyebrow (Photo from

Uttitthe nappamajjeyya
dhammam sucaritam
dhammacari sukham seti
asmim loke paramhi ca.

Wake up! Don't be heedless. 
Lead a life of well-doing.
He who follows righteousness
lives happily in this world and the next.  
(Dhammapada V. 168)

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