Friday, April 13, 2012

11 Benefits of Loving Kindness ~ Metta

One who practices loving kindness and compassion experiences eleven benefits that arises from the emancipation of the heart, associated fondly, developed, made much of, made a habit of, made a basis of, effected or experienced, practice, well started. What are the eleven?  One who practices loving kindness and compassion:  

1.  Sleeps well.
2.  Wakes up well.
3.  Does not see bad dreams.
4.  Is well-liked by human beings.
5.  Is well-liked by non-human beings.
6.  Is protected by the deities.
7.  Is protected from fire, poison and weapons.
8.  Develops calmness of mind immediately.
9.  Brightens the facial complexion.
10. Maintains mental clarity during passing.
11. Reborn in the Brahma World if one does not attain full enlightenment.

Therefore, please practice more and more loving kindness and compassion.

(Provided by Bhante Wimalaratana) 

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