Friday, March 16, 2012

Lord Buddha Image

Image of Lord Buddha
By Talersak Houangvilay

This Buddha photograph was taken by an Australian reporter at Bodhagaya India in 2522 Buddhist Era.

His object was actually the Bodhi tree; however, when the photo was developed, it was Lord Buddha.

That picture adorned the front cover of a  chanting book that my mother had when l was a child. Many years ago the book was lost, yet l vividly remembered the details of that sacred photo; the color, shape, and the serene image of Lord Buddha's face, and how it mystically penetrated and vibrated every cell of my being. Yet twenty-six years later, right up to this day, whenever l think of the photo the effect is the same.

Last year, in the month of June, a month l will never forget, and it was my Birthday and l wanted to do something different this year for a change. Instead of calling friends and heading out for dinner, l decided to visit ABS Temple. The Temple is Located in West Sacramento in California. l found out that they held a Friday night meditation group, guided by Bhante (a monk) and a lay person. l thought to myself, "what a perfect present, meditation on my Birthday", as a way of showing gratitude to Lord Buddha. l gingerly walked in and was well greeted by the lay person and by Bhante. Without any hesitation l anxiously grabbed the cushion and sat down for one hour meditation. Afterward, we discussed the Dhamma. l was impressed by the lay persons, of the knowledge that they acquired.

After the class concluded, l thanked the group and bid them farewell. As l approached the front gate Bhante Punnananda asked me to come in for tea. l was a bit shy, but l joined in just to show my respect.

As he opened the main Temple door, the first thing l noticed was the 5x7 photo of Lord Buddha. It was on the book shelf by the right side of the door. l couldn't believe my own two eyes. l had been looking for the photo online and just about everywhere in search of that photo, but with much dismay and frustration l had entirely given up. The photo was lost, never again to be found, so l had believed.

Yet, 26 years later, on my Birthday, Lord Buddha appeared when l least expected. It was the perfect present. The timing was right and the kamma condition too has to be right in their timely manners. l asked Bhante punnananda if l could have the photo. He gave it to me cheerfully. That very night, l knew without a shadow of a doubt what my life purpose is. Many of the younger generation have forgotten or don't know the story of the Buddha Image. My hope is to rekindle the Buddha Image story and pass it down to the younger generation.

Before l conclude the story, l would like to share a story of how rare it is to be born human. There is an egg yolk, just the yolk, floating on top of the world of nothing but water. It never stops moving. At the bottom of this great world of ocean is a turtle resting. Every 1,000 years it comes to the top. The odd of it popping its head into the yolk is the same odds of becoming a human being. Yet, we wasted so much of this rare birth. Just as it is rare to be born a human, it is more rare to be born human with the karma to live long enough to gain wisdom and to know the Dharma. Let's not waste this life on mundane worldly things. Death is like a thief, it comes when least expected. If not now in this rare time, when can we ever have the time again?

The Australian reporter not only received the Buddha image but on the very same night, he had an amazing dream, and in the end this reporter ordained as a monk.

My brother Puma, and l are committed to "The Lord Buddha Image Mission". For a free photo please contact us through my email address below.


  1. Actually.. you do a great job. This picture is very rare. I would like to thank u for doing such a great thing. Dont worry with the number of comments. the only thing what important is the greatness of your service. thank you....

  2. You do a great service. Regards from Sri Lanka . Namo Buddhaya!

  3. I've yet to receive my copy of this amazing Lord Buddha's image. However, I'm sure it'll find its way to me soon enough. thank you takers for your kindness to Buddhist devotees. I will help to spread word around about your kindness and copies you have of one of the jwewls of the triple gem. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.