Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Light Of Your Spirit

be strong, know that your darkest moments
will be followed by light and growth
for just as sure is the cold of winter
there is also the promise of spring
and just as the sun will rise each morning
so shall your spirit rise
this is the nature of your being coming into balance

the stem of a crimson rose is straddled with thorns
while the same fire that provides warmth
burns the earthen wood into blackened ash
remember that the stem of your life is straddled with thorns
but the flower of hope rests eternal
and the same fire that scorches the heart
brings a purest light to the mind

it is necessary to nurture yourself each day
to build an emotional reservoir from which you can tap into
so that in times of greatest need and despair
you find your place of peace, your spiritual center
it need not matter which path you take or philosophy you believe
what matters is that you fill your soul through the chalice of meditation
and strengthen yourself through prayer, for there are sure to be
difficulties and challenges along the way

no one is without strife; learn to embrace your struggles
they offer you the wisdom you need to move from the darkness into
the light of your spirit

Eunice E. Cerezo ∞ INspiration 2009
Elk Grove, California

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