Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blessings in Disguise

In our daily personal and professional interactions, we are bound to cross path with those who on occasions stir up our negative emotions. When such interaction is unavoidable or when the incident had already long past, perhaps, we can change our way of looking at the situation. During those times, my mind often calls up three little words as reminder that Bhante Amarabuddhi once advised to me, "Blessings in disguise".

Indeed, looking at it from this perspective expands the mind and heart, transforms any unpleasant encounter into window of learning opportunity, reduces clinging to one's own view, dissolves the ego, and ensures a happy and peaceful state of mind. Below are 7 guidelines offered by the Buddha on developing gratitude to those "Blessings in disguise".

Be grateful to the person who hurt you because s/he had honed your mind. 
感激傷害你的人, 因為他磨練了你的心志。 

Be grateful to the person who cheated you, because s/he had enhanced your knowledge.  感激欺騙你的人, 因為他增進了你的見識。 

Be grateful to the person who whipped you because s/he had eliminated your negative karma. 感激鞭打你的人, 因為他消除了你的業障。

Be grateful to the person who abandoned you because s/he had taught you to be independent. 感激遺棄你的人, 因為他教導了你應自立。

Be grateful to the person who betrayed you because s/he had strengthened your ability.  感激絆倒你的人, 因為他強化了你的能力。

Be grateful to the person who denounced you because s/he had contributed to your concentration and wisdom. 感激斥責你的人, 因為他助長了你的定慧。

Be grateful to all those who had supported your firm achievements. 

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