Sunday, September 4, 2011

Inner Job Description

Having taken on the roles of job seeker and recruiter in the past, I have read numerous job descriptions. This one is the most practical job description and applies to all.

Inner Job Description by --Lama Zopa Rinpoche

"One must practice with the bodhisattva attitude every day. People can't see your mind; what people see is a manifestation of your attitude in your actions of body and speech. Pay attention to your attitude all the time; guard it as if you are the police, or like a parent cares for a child, like a bodyguard, or like you are the guru and your mind is your disciple.

A center or an office is a place for Dharma practice. When one goes to the office and deals with people, one has to recognize that it is a place to practice lam-rim, the three principles of the path, tantra, and the six paramitas. The six paramitas fit very well for daily life--they offer protection for you. Everything is there. If one doesn't put effort into this, then problems arise. Without this, things won't succeed, won't be smooth, and people won't support you. If people are happy, they will support you. Think of home and office as your practice. It's a wonderful practice, a great challenge."

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  1. Agreed, that's the best, hardest, and most worthwhile job description. Thank you for posting it. May you, I and everyone achieve it immediately!